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Storage shelf column with butterfly holes rolling forming machine

Storage shelf column with butterfly holes rolling forming machine

Storage shelf column with butterfly holes rolling forming machine is desinged to make the storage shelf column by rolling forming machine working principle.

Storage shelf column with butterfly holes rolling forming machine
What are the differences between different types of column holes in storage shelves? There are many types of storage shelves, and there are many types of structural pillars. We choose a reasonable standard according to the environment. When choosing, the different types of holes are used. What is the difference when the column is in use?  In this article, I will show you one type storage shelf column with butterfly holes rolling forming machine.

For the storage shelf column making machine, each type sizes needs one sets of machine but for the punching holes shape, we just need to chahge the punching dies:

As to the third type, we call it as butterfly type. The machine design like the following:

Common characteristics and differences of several types of shelf column holes: butterfly hole diamond hole eight-hole
The column is one of the most important components in the shelf. There are many perforations on the column. The perforations exist to make the beam and the column easy to be installed, so that the shelf can be easily disassembled and assembled. The hole and the hole are usually spaced 50mm apart. The height of the shelf is arbitrarily adjusted in units of 50mm. On the market, we find that the shelves of the company's production (Produce) often have different hole shapes on the column, so what kinds of holes are there on the shelf column? Shape, what is the difference between them, the shelf company here to explain the hole shape on the shelf column.
Butterfly shape as its name suggests its shape is similar to butterfly wings. It has the following advantages.
  1. Simple and flexible to install. The connection of the column card makes the shelf stable (interpretation: stable stability; no change).
  2. It is generally used for medium size. Shelf. The diamond-shaped hole can be matched with the reinforced column card.
  3. The cargo column card and the column will be pressed tightly to prevent the shelf from shaking. People are familiar with the shelf-made shelves from the medicine cabinets in traditional Chinese medicine stores, the various shelves used in modern shopping malls, the steel bars in large three-dimensional warehouses or the shelves made of more advanced materials.
  4. New shelves include: rotating shelves, mobile shelves, shuttle shelves, fabricated shelves, adjustable shelves, pallet shelves, incoming shelves, high-rise shelves, loft-style shelves, gravity shelves, screen-mounted shelves, etc. There are many types of shelf-made shelves, but storage shelves, light storage shelves, medium-sized storage shelves, heavy-duty storage shelves, attic shelves, etc. The disadvantage is that it is easy to install without other holes.
At the same time, some columns will also add round holes. Adding round holes can increase the connection convenience. Adding round holes can improve the stability of the shelves (interpretation: stable stability; no change). The disadvantage is that it affects the carrying capacity of the shelves. It is said that the hole shape of the shelf column has little effect on the bearing capacity of the shelf, and more is the difference between the production process price and the installation.
Here is the installation of Storage shelf column with butterfly holes.

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