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Struct channel of cable tray making machine

Struct channel of cable tray making machine

Struct channel of cable tray making machine is deigned to make the Struct channel of cable tray in batch fully automatically.

Struct channel of cable tray making machine
What is the Struct Channel?
It is used as cable tray bracket, it can be used for the installation of horizontal and vertical trays, and to support cable trays fixed on the wall, column and floor to stabilize the cable tray system. Here is one picture showing how to use it.
In this article, we are specailly about the struct channel making machine, it has the following sizes popular in the market.
Act as pipe bracket, it refers to a bracket used to support a pipe, usually mounted on a building or installed in a pipe gallery.
Act as anti-seismic brackets, it is a anti-seismic measures installed on electromechanical piping equipment. The installation of anti-seismic bracket can avoid and reduce damage to the electromechanical equipment in the building caused by earthquakes, to reduce the harm of earthquakes and protect people's lives and property.
Based on the knowing of its function, we design the machine like the followings:
Struct channel of cable tray making machine parameters for your reference:
Material CR coil, GI coil
Size 41*21mm; 41*41mm; 41*62mm; 41*82mm
Thickness 2.0-3.0mm
Feeding width  93-229mm
Strength Q235-345Mpa
Speed 25m/min
Size tolerance 1mm
Cutting way Non-stop cutting
Power 22kw+15kw
Roller material Cr12MoV
Cut blade material Cr12MoV
Dimension 25000*1600*1500mm (L*W*H)
Total weight about 20tons
Struct channel of cable tray making machine is different as others as the following parts
  1. It gives options of making many sizes by adjustment of the spacer. As to the cutting baldes you can also do not need to change, we can use the disk shearing.
  2. As to the punching, we gave many options like the online punching by the hydraulic station or by the big punching machine.
  3. As the main rolling machine part, you can choose the gearbox tranmission, chain or others.
Here are some pictures of showing how to use Struct Channel in our daily life.

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